Monthly Archives: January 2012

Books in hand

Paul Gruba has co-authored two books that were published recently – How to Write a Better Thesis (MUP, 2011) and Blending Technologies in the Second Language Classroom (Palgrave Mcmillan, 2012). Nice to have ’em in hand …  

Melbourne Voice features Languages and Linguistics

The monthly showcase of all that is good at viagra 100mg The University of Melbourne, the Voice, has featured SOLL in its January issue, titled ‘Language and cultural diversity‘. Jennifer Green, explains sand story performances based on her PhD research. Matthew Absalom talks about teaching Italian.

Lauren Gawne is the latest recipient of an Awesome Ottawa grant

Local Philanthropists Fund Project to Save Dying Language Lauren Gawne, a PhD student in Linguistics at The University of Melbourne, is the latest recipient of an Awesome Ottawa grant. Gawne first encountered Kagate while working cialis 5mg in Nepal on the unrecorded language Lamjung Yolmo, for which she has published a small dictionary. More information: […]