Training session in language documentation tools

On March 14th we ran a training day for students at the various Melbourne universities and for community-based language workers.

We covered the tools Elan (Bill Forshaw and Lauren Gawne), Fieldworks (Kate Horrack), Toolbox (Simon Musgrave) and ExSite9, as well as a discussion of regular expressions and the general workflow around using the tools (Nick Thieberger).

Slides from the presentations are included below:

Data Management Overview (9.29Mb pdf)

Elan Presentation (380kb pdf)

Introduction to Toolbox (755kb pdf)

Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx) (585kb pdf)

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  1. Grayham Bercy Tahu
    Posted January 30, 2015 at 10:08 pm | Permalink

    Iam a researcher from Solomon Islands and currently doing my research in Changing language and social change in Solomon Islands, small Malaita. I am just came across this very helpful page and wanner be part of such an interesting work you have done.
    Thank you

    Grayham Bercy Tahu

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