Recent department grants

PhD student Aidan Wilson has received a $20,000 grant from AIATSIS to document parts of the Traditional Tiwi language, an under-studied and highly endangered language from the Tiwi Islands in Australia’s north.

Debbie Loakes has received an Early Career Researcher Grant of $25,000 from the university to continue her work on sound change in Australian English.

This is a continuing study with Janet Fletcher and John Hajek, and now Josh Clothier, looking specifically at the merger of /el/-/æl/ and related phenomena. This particular project is called “Accent and Identity in Regional Victoria: Local dynamics, local histories and social structure” and aims to address sociophonetic aspects of production and perception in five Victorian locations.

Ruth Singer has received a University of Melbourne Early Career Researcher Grant ($24,985.04) for her project ‘Children’s perspectives on growing up multilingual at Warruwi Community’.

Congrats all!

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