Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Fieldwork launched

Nicholas Thieberger. 'The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Fieldwork' Professor Andy Pawley launched this volume, edited by Nick Thieberger, at the Australian Linguistic Society Conference in Canberra on December 4th.

As the text on the Oxford University Press website says, it is a comprehensive resource for linguistic and cultural fieldwork that provides a practical guide to linguistic data management and draws on the experience of world-class scholars and researchers. This book offers a state-of-the-art guide to linguistic fieldwork, reflecting its collaborative nature across the subfields of linguistics and disciplines such as astronomy, anthropology, biology, musicology, and ethnography. Experienced scholars and fieldworkers explain the methods and approaches needed to understand a language in its full cultural context and to document it accessibly and enduringly. They consider the application of new technological approaches to recording and documentation, but never lose sight of the crucial relationship between subject and researcher.

The book is timely: an increased awareness of dying languages and vanishing dialects has stimulated the impetus for recording them as well as the funds required to do so. The handbook is an indispensible source, guide, and reference for everyone involved in linguistic and cultural fieldwork.

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