LangFest 2011

The Linguistics department was well-represented at the annual Applied Linguistics Association Australia and Australian Linguistics Society conferences at LangFest held at ANU in November/December! Plenaries were given by Tim McNamara (‘Language analysis in the determination of origin of asylum seekers: A perspective from language testing’) and Janet Fletcher (‘It’s all in the timing: Looking for the temporal signatures of prosodic structure in Australian languages’). Papers presented were:

Joe Blythe, Barbara Kelly, Rachel Nordlinger, Jill Wigglesworth: The acquisition of Murrinh-Patha

Patrick Caudal, Rachel Nordlinger: A Murrinh-Patha view of counterfactuality and the irrealis

Samantha Disbray, Debbie Loakes: Writing Aboriginal English & English-based Creoles: Considerations and Reflections

Mai Duong: The developmental approach as an answer for issues in portfolio assessment: A case of Vietnamese EFL students’ writing portfolios

Cathie Elder et al.: How might real achievement in language learning be documented?

Janet Fletcher, Ruth Singer: Fronting, discourse and intonational cues in Mawng

Lauren Gawne, Jill Vaughan: I can haz language play: The construction of language and identity in LOLspeak

Lauren Gawne, Barbara Kelly: What we know people know about gesture

Nazanin Ghodrati, Paul Gruba: Critical thinking in asynchronous discussion forums: The case of ESL students in higher education

Barbara Kelly: Telling who intentionally does what in Sherpa

Kamran Khan: ‘Life in the UK’: Becoming bilingual, becoming British

Ute Knoch, Neomy Storch et al.: Expanding directions in the assessment of writing

Henry Mera, Paul Gruba: A survey of program-wide assessments of modern languages

Jean Mulder, Cara Penry Williams, Sandra Thompson: A Further Word on Final Particle but in Australian English Conversation

Jean Mulder et al.: Situating Linguistics in the Evolving Australian Curriculum

Simon Musgrave, Nick Thieberger: Grammar and hypertext: Nunggubuyu as a case study

Ikuko Nakane: The impact of interpreter mediation on questioning in police interviews

John Pill, Luke Harding: Defining the language assessment literacy ‘gap’: A case study

Sally O’Hagan, John Pill, Cathie Elder, Tim McNamara, Robyn Woodward-Kron: Are linguistic assessment criteria defensible for LSP assessment?

Marie-Eve Ritz, Lesley Stirling: Temporal distinctions around the present in Kala Lagaw Ya

Carsten Roever, Saad Al-Gahtani: Development of L2 Arabic request: The case for U-shaped development

Amir Rouhshad: Nature of task-based negotiation in same-proficiency dyads of second language learners in computer-mediated and face-to-face modes

Alice Rouse: Doctor-patient discourse: A multimodal investigation

Alice Rouse, Barbara Kelly: Boy Talk — A multimodal investigation

Ruth Singer: Nominal classifiers mediate selectional restrictions: motivations for nominal classifications systems with a strong semantic basis

Phuong Tran: The consequential aspect of the validity of the University Entrance Examination English test to the Vietnam National University

Sabina Vakser: Means and motives of mixing: the case of Russian in Melbourne

Van Tran: L2 advice: A sequence organisation perspective

Congrats to all!



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